Archaeology Professor David Small of Lehigh University has been working with teams of students and with important volunteers from  Emmaus on excavations at the 1803 House.  Lehigh’s enterprise was not the first however, and due recognition must be given to Ryan Loughren who was a teacher at the local Seven Generations Charter School.  Ryan took several  students to dig south of the kitchen and exposed important walls to a building which we are today exploring.  For the past two years Lehigh students and Emmaus volunteers have been working to understand the buried walls behind the kitchen. They have currently excavated a small section of  what was a larger building. What this building was is still undetermined. The best estimate to date is that it was a log cabin which was used by the builders of the 1803 House, before the house was built. See progress; 2019 Privy Project; 2019 East Penn Press Article