How to Help The 1803 House

How Can you Help?:  GoFundMe Campaign;  Sponsorship Opportunities;  Support the 1803 House Events;  Volunteers Needed;  
Become a Friend of the 1803 House;  Add to our Historic Collections;  Support our Daily Operations;  Gift Certificates Greatly Appreciated

Annual Appeal Campaign


Because of our membership, a very talented Board of Directors, and the generosity of the community, we continue to advance the historic significance of Jacob Ehrenhardt Jr.’s and his family’s homestead. We especially appreciate the response to our annual financial appeal. Because of this generosity, we continue to create programs that enlighten the community about the history of Emmaus. We are making our fifth annual appeal on behalf of the 1803 House programs. We respectfully ask for your special financial support of this historically significant site in our community. Our goals for this year include continued restoration and preservation of the House, more historic educational events, more acquisitions, completion of a site master plan, installation of a colonial fence between the property and the adjacent railroad property, completion of requests for grants, increased membership, and member participation. We are also planning paint restoration projects and further preservation of the kitchen/entry area.  letter from President; donation form

Volunteers Needed

The Friends of the 1803 House is always in need of volunteers of all ages to assist with the growing number of events and programs.  Plus volunteers are also need to help clean, painting, repair, grounds keeping and restoration of the 1803 House.  To volunteer email us at

Add to our Historic Collection

The Friends of the 1803 House is dedicated to increasing the collections with material that complements and enhances the mission of the Society.  To add to our collection email us at

Become a Friend of the 1803 House

Now 2 ways to Become a Member of the 1803 House
GoFundMe, noted below or print out this 2019 membership form

The Friends of the 1803 House, a nonprofit organization, needs your membership support to achieve its mission of preserving and maintaining the house as a museum for the community. By joining the society, you can help preserve the past while ensuring the next generations of Americans will learn from the lessons of our history. Join today and help us to preserve a part of Emmaus History. Use the tool below to submit your electronic membership form or print out the 2019 membership form and follow instructions.  If you have any questions please e-mail us at

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please consider sponsoring our fundraising events which support the preservation and maintenance of the 1803 House. For information on our events, Click Here

Support 1803 House Events

Please consider attending any of our fundraising events,  which support the preservation and maintenance of the 1803 House. For pictures of "Old Fashioned Christmas at the 1803" pictures Click Here

Support Our Daily Operations

The Friends of the 1803 House has collected, preserved and interpreted history related to the Moravians and the Emmaus area. Your tax-deductible contribution would support the efforts of the Society.  We gratefully accept contributions that are fully tax-deductible to support the daily operations of the 1803 House. Please mail your contributions to: The Friends of the 1803 House at P.O. Box 7, Emmaus, PA 18049.

Gift Certificates Greatly Appreciated

Gift certificates from businesses are greatly appreciated for the Society to purchase supplies for programs and community events. Please email us at about your kind donation.