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2020 Fundraising Events: 
       "Goblets & Games" at the 1803 House Sunday May 17, 2020 from 2pm to 5pm [Details coming soon]
       "Fall Event [to be named soon]" at the 1803 House Sunday September 20, 2020 from 4pm to 7pm [Details coming soon]

About the 1803 House: 
In 1803 Jacob Ehrenhardt, Jr. built this stone, Federal-style home for his wife Susanna and their four daughters, Barbara, Anna Marie, Anna Eleonora and Suzanna.   It was located near the Moravian Church, surrounded by crop fields, the South Mountain and a stream nearby on a plot of land owned by his father, Jacob Ehrenhardt Sr.  Step inside and go back in time to the early 1800's after the Moravians had settled in Emmaus.  The house preserves the architecture of the Moravian culture of Colonial Pennsylvania and illustrates the lifestyle of Colonial America.  This beautiful renovated "time capsule" is a vital link to our heritage and one of the oldest structures in Emmaus. The 1803 House is located at 55 South Keystone Avenue in  Emmaus, PA is managed by The Friends of the 1803 House and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 
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What's Happening at the 1803 House?
Archaeology Dig...
Archaeology Professor David Small of Lehigh University has been working with teams of students and with important volunteers from  Emmaus on excavations at the 1803 House.  Lehigh’s enterprise was not the first however, and due recognition must be given to Ryan Loughren who was a teacher at the local Seven Generations Charter School.  Ryan took several students to dig south of the kitchen and exposed important walls to a building which we are today exploring.  For the past two years Lehigh students and Emmaus volunteers have been working to understand the buried walls behind the kitchen. They have currently excavated a small section of  what was a larger building. What this building was is still undetermined. The best estimate to date is that it was a log cabin which was used by the builders of the 1803 House, before the house was built. See progress; 2019 Privy Project; 2019 East Penn Press Article



2020 Events at the 1803 House:
"Goblets & Games" at the 1803 House...Sunday May 17, 2020 from 2pm to 5pm [Details coming soon]: This fundraiser will help us to continue to restore the colonial windows on the 1803 House. Come an enjoy an afternoon with wine, food and music. 2019 Article from the East Penn PressSpring 2019 Photo Gallery.

Lehigh Valley Passport to History...May 16, 2020 [SATURDAY ONLY]: The 1803 house is partnering with many other historic sites in the Pennsylvania's Lehigh and Northampton counties.  Come visit the 1803 House on May 16th from  10am to 4pm. More details to come.

Emmaus Heritage Alliance Education Project:
For the fourth year, The 1803 House, the Shelter House, God's Acre and the Knauss Homestead will be hosting a Pilot Program with the East Penn School District.  Third graders from five elementary schools will explore and learn about their community, the history of Emmaus and how children lived during the time periods of each site. 2018 article or 2019 East Penn Press article

"Fall Event" at the 1803 House...September 20, 2020 from 4 to 7 [Details coming soon]: This fundraiser will help us to continue to restore our colonial windows on the 1803 House.  Come and enjoy some beer, food and music. Autumn Photo  Gallery or 2019 East Penn Press Article

"Old Fashioned Christmas at the 1803 House"...December 5, 2020 from 11am - 4pm:  This event is always the 1st Saturday of December at the 1803 House. In 2018 visitors enjoyed the fire in open hearth baking gingerbread and beef stew, warm cider, holiday treats, Christmas tree with colonial  decorations, window sill decorated by members of the Emmaus Garden Club, scale Emmaus building models by Andre Fatula, ornament crafting for the children, "1803 House Church Baby" sale, annual homemade wreath sale and holiday tours of the 1803 House.  Photo Gallery.

2020 Events in Emmaus:
Emmaus Founders Day...[date and details coming soon]: In 2019 the Knauss Homestead and the 1803 House partnered to sponsor the Emmaus Founders Day in honor of the Knauss and Ehrenhardt families, founders of Emmaus. This is the day to remember a major event occurred to celebrate, give thanks and to reflect upon the evolution of our community. It is an event to reflect on the foundation of our 'village small' created by Sebastian Knauss and Jacob Ehrenhardt. It is a time to look back at our historical journey and to look ahead to sustain the welfare of all persons that call Emmaus home.  A dinner is prepared by Licensed 2 Grill. 2019 East Penn Press article 

Emmaus Heritage Festival...[date and details coming soon]:
Live music, crafts, food truck, displays, games and so much more.at the Emmaus Historical Society 2018 Main Street, Emmaus.

"Old Fashioned Christmas" in Emmaus...Saturday December 5, 2020 from 10am to 8pm:  This event is always the 1st Saturday of December in Emmaus at the Triangle Park. All historic homes will be open along with many holiday celebration activities throughout the town of Emmaus.  Photo Gallery



Recent News:

Emmaus Paint-A-Hydrant Program

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Meet Lindsay Fujita...she was inspired to paint something to represent the history of the Moravians and showcase the 1803 House as one of their historic sites.  This fire hydrant is perfectly situated for her inspiration as it is located across from the Moravian Church and in front of the home of the future builder of the 1803 House.  The 1803 House in honored...

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Appeal to Restore Windows...
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