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Flood Damage Appeal

We, the Friends of the 1803 House, have been digging deep into the history of the 1803 House since 1975.  We are thankful the
flood on August 4, 2020 did not damage our recently completed archaeological dig. The 1803 House was surrounded by water,
which filled the basement and one inch into the above 1st floor. We now have to
"Dig Deep" into the resources of the community asking for funding and "in-kind" efforts to help with the mounting flood bills that are $12,000.  Please consider supporting the 1803 House with a tax-deductible contribution to help with our flood damage costs.  Below are two ways to  contribute; by credit card with "GoFundMe Charity" or by check.  Thank you in advance for your continued support to the 1803 House!   Presidents Appeal Letter;  Flood Pictures
To donate click on the "Contribute to Appeal" button below and mail it with your tax-deductible donation.

Monetary Contribution:

"The Friends of the 1803 House" needs your financial support.  Please consider giving a contribution, so we can continue to preserve and maintain the 1803 house for the community. 
To donate click on the "Monetary Donation" button and mail it with your tax-deductible contribution.

Add to our Historic Collection:

The Friends of the 1803 House is dedicated to increasing the collections from the time period of the 1803 House that complements and enhances our mission. To add to our Historic Collection", click on the button below and follow the instructions on the form. 


Attend an 1803 House Event:

 Please consider attending our fundraiser events.  In the Spring enjoy some food, wine, music; in Fall enjoy some more food, beer and music; and in winter enjoy an "Old Fashioned Christmas at the 1803 House." 
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