Sponsorships at the 1803 House

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 7, Emmaus, PA 18049 

Please Consider Sponsoring one of our Restoration or Construction Projects, our Education Programs or our Fundraising Events...
GoFundMe for Charity will be available soon for all donations]

Sponsor a Restoration Project:

Please consider sponsoring one of restoration projects, We are currently are working on the repair and restoration of 16 colonial windows and 30 shutters. For more information on our restoration Go to Projects

Sponsor a Construction Project:


Please consider sponsoring one of our new construction projects. Eagle Scouts build a "buck fence" and constructed a brick path, and a herb garden built.  For more information on our projects Go to Construction;

Sponsorships Available

To "Sponsor" the 1803 House, please click on the button below, fill out the form and mail it with you tax-deductible Sponsorship. Thank you for your support.

Sponsor an Education Program:

Please consider sponsoring one of our Educational Programs that we offer at the 1803 House.  Currently the 1803 House is in a partnership with Seven Generations Charter School and the East Penn School District.  For more information Go to Education;

Sponsor a Fundraiser Event

Please consider sponsoring one of our Fundraiser events.  Your generous contribution will help us with many restoration projects needed at the 1803 House.  We currently have a 2 Fundraising Events a year...one in Spring and one in Fall. For more information on our Fundraisers Go to Events.