Winter Events at the 1803 House

Location: 55 South Keystone Avenue, Emmaus PA 18049;


2022 Old Fashioned Christmas at the 1803 House:

December 3rd, from 10am to 2pm [2022 Flyer]:
The 1803 House will feature: a fire in the open-hearth baking apple cobbler, holiday treats; Christmas tree with colonial decorations; windowsills decorated by members of the Emmaus Garden Club; Macungie Ministrelaires singing Christmas Carols, Decorated Douglas Fir holiday wreaths for sale or buy a wreath to take home to decorate; Ornament crafting for the children: a "Very Merrie Wine Pull"; 1803 House and holiday items for sale; Scale models of Emmaus historic sites by Andre Fatula; How were wreaths decorated in 1803? Stop by and see; Holiday tours of the house and so much more; Other; historic Emmaus sites will be open: The Emmaus Historical Society, The Knauss Homestead; The Shelter House; Plus, many holiday events happening in Emmaus.  Go to Winter EventsMorning Call Article; Holiday Photo Summary.

1803 House Decorated for Colonial Christmas

Home Made Natural Wreaths for Sale

Kid's Crafts


Beeswax ornaments


Holiday Decorations with Fruit:

For the Christmas Holidays colonialists decorated their homes with fruit. In the picture below a green round fruit that surrounds Christmas Tree.  It is "Osage Orange". The Osage orange tree and the green fruits which were eaten by the prehistoric Giant Sloth.  When the Sloths became extinct a long, long time ago, so did the Osage Orange Tree.  But fate and some very ambitious Indians interceded and the Osage orange tree became the most planted tree of the 19th century. The Indians used the tree's wood to make bows since it was very strong, flexible, durable and did not rot.  The wood shavings were also used to make golden yellow or mossy green dyes.  The branches were thorny and the animals did not want to tangle with it.  So, the colonists planted the tree around their house for protection.  The fruit however, was not eaten by any animal or human, so the colonists used it for decorations.


Decorated Window Sills by Emmaus Garden Club
Scale Emmaus Building Models by Andre Fatula

1803 House Church Babies/Angels for Holiday Season

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