About the Friends of the 1803 House

Our Story...

Rodale Press had purchased the property that the 1803 House was built on in the mid-1960’s for expansion of their business. Robert Rodale worried about tearing down the old house on the property without first doing some research. He and Mayor Pierce Randall agreed that Rodale would donate the house to the borough, along with $10,000 in “seed money”, if a committee could be established to research the history of the house, and raise an additional $10,000 from the community if restoration was decided upon. Robert and Ardath Rodale then donated the house and property to the borough in 1974 [black and white pictures to the right are courtesy of the Emmaus Public Library.]  Restoration began after the 1976 Bicentennial celebration, with that committee comprising the majority of the new "Friends of the 1803 House” committee. The Friends of the 1803 House is a non-profit 501(c-3) corporation which administers the house as a museum, and is generally the caretaker for the owner, the Borough of Emmaus.  Fund raising is through memberships, special events, corporate sponsorships, grants and donations.
In 1975:


The Friends of the 1803 House 2020 Board Members
  Richard Farmer

Vice President: Marian Schneck
Treasurer: Walter
Secretary: Heather Balliet
Dee Bauernschmidt
Maxine Benedick
Richard Brown
Lis Cassler
Jill Cramer
Rachel Cubellis
Andrea Grim
Alison Hudak
Lucy McLeod
Joie Jackson-Wenner
Marian Schneck
Joan Snyder
Janice Stavrou
Honorary Lifetime Directors:
Laura Fetzer
Alan Hawman
Robin Kertis
Corinne Machmer
Susan Smith
Deb Stevens

National Register of Historic Places

In 2003 the 1803 House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior.

1803 House Tours

Step inside and go back in time to the early 1800's after the Moravians had settled in Emmaus.  This beautiful renovated "time capsule" of the past is a vital link to our heritage and one of the oldest structures in the borough of Emmaus. The 1803 House offers tours for families, groups or individuals. A donation is greatly appreciated for the tour.  For more information email us at tours@1803house.org.

1803 House Education Programs:


The 1803 House offers Educational Programs. A nominal fee is required.  We currently have an educational partnership with nearby Seven Generations Charter School and local school districts. We have held many educational events at the 1803 House. For more information email us at education@1803house.org.  

Thank You for being a FRIEND of the 1803 House

Donna Allen, Jennifer Allen, Craig and Ann Bartholomew; Al and Dee Baurernschmidt; Maxine and Ron Benedick; Linda Burkhardt, Madelyn Cart; Lis Cassler; Gene Clock, Jill and Carl Cramer; Rachel Cubellis; Jack and Judy Daddona; Bob and Corrine Durdock; Dale and Kathy Eck; Sophia Fadem; Zona and Dick Farmer; Cor Faur; Laura Fetzer; Rev. and Mrs Fred Foerster; Joy Frankenfield, Doug Hall; Alan Hawman; Alison B. Hudak; Maryellen Iobst; Donald Jaffe; Andrew R. Kerstetter; Lesley and John Lojko; Aidan Levinson, Steve and Louise Long; Corinne H. Machmer; Richard Mackes; Jane Maulfair; Lucy McLeod; Pat Merrowsky, Miers Insurance; Kathy Miller, Jayne and Ron Moxey; Judy Parker; Robin Parker, Audrey Gardner Racines; Pete and Marian Schneck; Lexa H. Shallcross; Susan Smith; Joan Snyder; Janice Stavrou, Jessica and Dikran Yazujian;  Millidine Waterman; Emily Webb, Joie Jackson Wenner; Naomi Winch, Joe Zeller and Ann Wertman; Pat Zentner.  2020 Membership form